• Gold

    bracelet 2016


    aluminium, silver, plastic

    € 4800,00

  • Assemblage

    brooch 2016


    gold, steel, plastic

    € 1600,00

  • Home Sweet Home 2

    bracelet 2016

    Home Sweet Home 2

    silver, plastic

    € 3800,00

  • Empire

    bracelet 2016


    gold, glass

    € 5200,00

  • Home Sweet Home 1

    bracelet 2016

    Home Sweet Home 1

    silver, plastic

    € 3800,00


12 03 2016 — 16 04 2016


Felix Lindner likes to turn things inside out. He prefers to use the reverse side of his materials, keeping their decorated front hidden. Usually concealed elements like hinges might function in his pieces as defining visual aspects. It was a challenge for him to bring a goldsmith's refinement to building materials and to spend the care normally reserved for gemstones on humble pieces glass. 
This may seem to be just a whimsical pastime, but it sounds more relaxed than it is. For if you're not willing to abide by the rules, you're heading for trouble... Especially if you're a goldsmith who has a high standard of perfection in his genes. It took Lindner sometimes more then a year to develop certain details or to work out, for instance, how to process glass into the shape and degree of durability he envisioned.

The exhibition is an assemblage in more ways than one. It brings together very different jewellery pieces, each combining many years of experimenting. In the end every work unites all sorts of unlikely elements into a new, self evident entity. At the end of April the final assemblage will take place when an retrospective exhibition of Lindners work will open at the Villa Bengel in the German city of Idar Oberstein. Galerie Rob Koudijs offers you already the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest developments in the artist's oeuvre.

Ward Schrijver 
(© Galerie Rob Koudijs)