• Janina Stuebler

    necklace 2016 'Savana X'

    Janina Stuebler


    € 950,00

  • Naama Bergman

    brooch 2016 'Salt Brooch 01'

    Naama Bergman

    iron, salt

    € 1250,00

  • Nadine Kuffner

    necklace 2015 'Grace'

    Nadine Kuffner

    bronze, plaster, hemp


  • Shachar Cohen

    pendant 2016 'Personal Jesus 02'

    Shachar Cohen

    stainless steel, nylon

    € 850,00

  • Flora Sekanova

    necklace 2016 'Loops'

    Flora Sekanova




23 04 2016 — 28 05 2016

FIVE MUNICH ARTISTS Slippery like Sandpaper

Slippery like Sandpaper

This time no solo show in the gallery, but a group exhibition! Five students who graduated in Munich last year, are proof that the training at the city's academy still lives up to its high standard. Their jewellery department has a remarkable reputation: masters like Herman Jünger and Otto Künzli have been teaching there for many years - meanwhile Karen Pontoppidan has become the new professor - and many defining artists in the contemporary jewellery field were educated there. We are happy to represent already a remarkable number of them in the gallery.

Munich doesn't produce templates: every artist is stimulated to discover and develop their own fascinations and visual language. Fundamental positions are explored in the process: the body that is to carry the jewellery, will always remains the starting point in developing new work; the designers are aware that jewellery is firmly embedded in our cultural behaviour. Does that mean that the results will be predictable? Not at all, for they also consider less obvious questions: whether jewellery can be 'politically incorrect', or is there a 'wrong' way to use materials, and will a string or pin on an object automatically turn it into a necklace or brooch? This is the first time they present their ideas and the results in the Netherlands: some pieces are tough and heavy, while others are as poetic as they are fragile; they can be made from shiny steel or translucent glass or posses a high 'strokability factor' (to paraphrase an invention from the Dutch language).

The catalogue that accompanies the exhibition provides much information about the jewellery of Naama Bergman, Shachar Cohen, Nadine Kuffner, Flora Sekanova and Janina Stübler, but to fully appreciate the results, a visit to the gallery will be inevitable.

Ward Schrijver 
(© Galerie Rob Koudijs)